Lucky Black Cats Adult Coloring Book
Lucky Black Cats Adult Coloring Book
Lucky Black Cats Adult Coloring Book

Lucky Black Cats Adult Coloring Book

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Grab your pencils, markers, and gel pens and dive into coloring Carole’s Creative Cats! These magical Maneki Neko Lucky Black Cats are sure to delight. Each cat wears a Japanese Kanji Good Luck Medallion around their neck depicting who they are and what they love. Color each design as you please and bring these kitties to life. A percentage of every book you buy supports black cat rescue and helps popularize them for adoption.

Black Cats bring good luck you know,
like a horseshoe or a rainbow,
so forget superstitions and all of that.
Adopt a magical Lucky Black Cat!

Stress relieving therapeutic designs fill all the pages, and coloring with cattitude is fun for all ages!

ISBN: 9781601660473

Number Of Pages: 78

Publisher: Transformation Publishing


Carole Stevens Bibisi followed her dream of becoming an artist in every sense of the word, as a gifted singer and natural artist from an early age. As a child, growing up in New Zealand, she always enjoyed coloring in, being happily transported to a stress-free world for hours on end.  Inspired by rainbows, nature and animals, Carole infuses her art with vibrant rainbow colors. Today, she has the joy of sharing her love of coloring with you through her one-of-a-kind whimsical drawings. Her art college studies focused on illustration, lettering and design. Carole is also a professional singer who graduated with honors from Trinity and Royal Schools of Music. Carole has published three brilliant children’s books,  her art has appeared on numerous magazine covers and she has enjoyed many successful solo art exhibitions. Her fantastical artistic style includes bright and vibrant mandalas, goddesses, angels, fairies, mermaids, cats and illustrated poetry.