Out Your Ego
Out Your Ego

Out Your Ego

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How do you know who’s REALLY in charge of your life? There’s only one way to find out. You’ve got to . . .

Out Your ego!

Inside this gem of a book lie the keys to recognizing when ego—the perceptions and beliefs you don’t even know you have—is running your life. With humor and real-life stories, Out Your ego! enables you to claim the power of your true Self and make life choices that honor who you really are.

ISBN: 9781601660336

Number Of Pages: 142

Publisher: Transformation Publishing


Staci Backaskas has been a studious observer of her own ego for years. Although she still has one, she prefers to believe it’s not as large or disruptive as it once was. She is quite fond of showing others how to ferret out their own egos, making room for more joy and peace on the planet. Connect with her at www.StaciB.com.