Transform Your Life BOOK 2: Inspirational Stories and Expert Insights
Transform Your Life BOOK 2: Inspirational Stories and Expert Insights

Transform Your Life BOOK 2: Inspirational Stories and Expert Insights

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Transform Your Life! is a co-creative book-a diverse mosaic of contributions from authors around the world-offering 60 unique perspectives on love and hope, strength and perseverance, living and thriving. Each chapter tells the true-life tale of overcoming real-world challenges, from addiction to abuse, illness to loss, and much more. Your heart will open as authors share their personal stories of rebirth and how they allowed their pain to inspire their purpose. Live your BEST life by exploring the powerful, proven methods and techniques compiled by experts who have LIVED IT. Become empowered to embrace transformation, turn tragedy into triumph, and express more of your true, authentic Self.


ISBN: 9781601660442

Number Of Pages: 198

Publisher: Transformation Publishing


About the Authors:

Transform Your Life is a powerful co-creation contributed to by over 50 experts and re-life heroes who have triumphed through their struggles and lived to tell the tale through this book!

Natalie Rivera is a visionary speaker and entrepreneur. She is passionate about empowering others to GET REAL and live authentically. After a decade of living a life that wasn’t hers and developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Natalie let go of everything and completely transformed. Through her journey to healing she rediscovered her true self and greater purpose—to inspire others to transform their lives. Natalie “retired” from the rat race at 24, put herself through school as a freelance designer, created a non-profit teen center, and later created Transformation Services, Inc., which offers motivational speaking, curriculum development, life coaching, event management, and publishing. She is also the Publisher of Transformation Magazine. Visit
Joeel A Rivera, M.Ed., is a visionary, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. From an early age, Joeel faced adversity, including immigrating to the United States, failing his freshman year of college, losing his brother, and being in a nearly fatal car accident. These experiences inspired him to return to college, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness. Joeel opened a non-profit teen center in honor of his brother and developed curriculums for the Juvenile Justice System. In almost a decade, Joeel has reached over ten thousand people as an educator, entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. Visit
Artricia James-Heard retired from a successful career in the United States Navy in 2013. She worked in program management at Morehouse School of Medicine during a short break in service. After leaving academia she returned to the military to finish her career. She is the author of Depths of Love poetry collection, articles and techical manuals. She has owned businesses in computer training, professional organization, administrative business consulting, beauty consultant, finance management and credit improvement. A certified Toastmaster, Artricia lives in New Tampa with the love of her life Michael, their three children and two furry friends. Contact her at
Andrea Louca is an inspirational speaker and transformational life coach who lives in Greece and delivers motivational speeches for large groups and companies around the world. Andrea has always had a deep down burning desire to inspire others around her. In 2000 she made a decision to achieve, conquer, and overcome her fear of public speaking. She has been a member of the Parents Association Board at her 2 children’s school, since 2006, becoming President and working in collaboration to build the bridge of communication between parents, children, and teachers. Being a social entrepreneur, she also volunteers for a large number of causes that have a large impact on humanity. Visit
Steve Hultquist provides coaching and guidance to diverse organizations from Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and Microsoft to small early-stage companies. He has worked to create empowering organizations that deliver high value. Always, it’s about the people. In all of his endeavors, Mr. Hultquist helps teams deliver exceptional value to customers and all stakeholders, creating quality solutions that work to benefit all and building teams to accomplish great results while growing personally and professionally. Mr. Hultquist is an author and journalist who speaks on topics including delivering value, humanizing business, technology, organizational leadership, personal development, and human relationships. Email or visit
Emily Rivera is a national speaker, trainer, coach, and intuitive practitioner who has guided countless individuals and groups across the United States on a journey towards self-discovery. Through Emily’s seminars and individual sessions, participants learn how to identify, connect to, and understand innate guidance and unlock the power of their personal intuition to better create the life of their dreams. Emily is also a certified Angel Healing Practitioner and author on Angle Guidance. Spirit serves as the primary guide, creating a unique experience each time, tailored for participants based on their receptiveness to healing, inspiration, and spiritual awareness. Visit
LISA BEAUMONT. A lifetime of unresolved pain that resulted in catastrophic loss could have destroyed all hope for this dynamic and powerful woman who, when challenged beyond belief, fought her way to the truth about herself and discovered her own potential to live in unending happiness. Leaving the pain of the past behind, she leads others to that truth. Serving as a lifecoach, mentor, and medium, Lisa delivers messages of hope to her listeners and her clients, helping them reverse negative patterns that have left them broken and broken-hearted. Lisa is a role model, a messenger and a gift to all who work with her. Visit
Sheila Murrey is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s a software technical writer and business analyst, with twenty years of information technology (IT) experience and education. When she was awakened by the words “We Are All Connected” one morning she knew transformation was coming. Not long after that occurrence, she naturally reversed asthma in her body! Sheila knows we can choose to live a long and pain-free healthy life without pharmaceutical medications. She writes for and where she shares information on holistic health modalities including: acupuncture, energy medicine, therapeutic essential oils, and emotional freedom technique (EFT).
Sylvia Lane is a transformational healer and coach from Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about helping people to take control of their lives, and live with balance and harmony. With bankruptcy banging on her door, Sylvia was able to use powerful coaching and Reiki techniques to change her world. Developing a loving and compassionate relationship with herself and her environment, she has found her inner peace and loves helping others to achieve balance and harmony within their own lives. She teaches Reiki workshops to foster self growth and awareness, helps coach people to happiness with Law of Attraction processes, and just generally loves watching her clients transform. Visit
Gregg Sanderson studied a variety of spiritual teachings before he became a licensed practitioner in the Centers For Spiritual Living and a Certified Trainer/Trailblazer for Infinite Possibilities.  He is a speaker and workshop facilitator who has worked with thousands of individuals and couples using the Science of Happiness.  Gregg authored What Ever Happened To Happily Ever After?,  Split Happens—Easing the Pain of Divorce, and Spirit With A Smile—The World According To BOB. He is co-creator of the New Thought Global Network  (, an on-line living collection of inspirational outpouring, designed to deliver New Thought teachings virtually. Contact
Scott Masciarelli, ACC, BCC is a Leadership Coach, Trainer and Adventure Travel Specialist who inspires others to live their life as an adventure.  As a multilingual, avid world traveler and former expatriate corporate leader Scott has a global perspective which benefits his client’s transformation.   Scott believes adventure is a very important aspect of designing a thriving life. His clients are asking “what’s next?” in their career, business and life and are ready to enhance their personal and professional leadership skills. The dynamic combination of adventure and leadership development allows them to create success on their terms. Visit
Victoria Hawkins, LCSW, RYT has been enjoying being a voice in the world of health and wellness for many years. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, adult and child yoga and Bellydance instructor, Meditation Teacher, public speaker, intuitive artist and author/illustrator. She specializes in fusing art, movement, wisdom teachings, and yogic practice with intuitive guidance to create a unique way of connecting individuals and groups to their own inner voice. She attributes her insights and epiphanies to her commitment to deep listening to nature, the wisdom of children, unexpected teachers and her own Spirit Voice within. Visit
Sharon Kistler is an author, speaker and founder of The Amazing Woman Organization, a “Sisterhood for Positive Living!” She is a Certified Holistic and Journey Life Coach (Internationally Accredited), Master Coach Trainer, and holds a Certificate for Social Psychology. She is author of: Your New Life Journey  (Empower to breakthrough unconscious living ) using “Awareness and Awakening Transformation Tools”. She has presented her programs in Florida Hospital Addiction Treatment Centers. She coaches on Positive Energy to Action, Emotional Freedom, Personal and Professional Success. Prior experience includes being corporate Regional Manager of Displays, Marketing, and Event Planning for Florida Multi-Million Dollar Department Stores. Visit and
Julianne Statnick is the mother of two children, Isabella and Stephen. She has been a flight attendant for over 25 years, traveling internationally for the past 8 years. She has a passion for people and knew at a very young age that she had a special gift of communicating with those who have passed on. When she is not flying, she enjoys making jewelry, painting, giving reiki, working with crystals and giving angel readings. In July of 2006, she experienced a NDE (near death experience) which guided her to continue to work on her spiritual path of inspiring others and sharing her stories. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA and you can reach her at
Russell Heath‘s mission is to get people to live full out. He’s been living full out since he was a kid. In his teens he hitchhiked to Alaska; in his twenties, he lived in Italy, crossed the Sahara and the jungles of Africa; in his thirties, he sailed around the world (alone); in his forties, he wrote novels; and in his fifties he bicycled the Rockies from Alaska to Mexico. He’s lead two Alaska environmental organizations and recently moved to New York to dig into leadership coaching. He now coaches leaders who want to make good things happen in the world.. Visit
Terez Hartman is the author of Allowing Your Success!, a professional Keynote Speaker/Workshop Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, “Allowing Adventures!” & “Savor Vacation” Facilitator, true Renaissance Woman and Visionary.  She has spent the majority of her life consciously working with the Law of Attraction and “Allowing,” and owes her many years of ever-increasing professional success, constant flow of creativity, vibrant health, many extraordinary adventures, amazing relationships with positive-minded, “cream-of-the-crop” human beings and—what she feels to be her greatest allowing achievement—her extraordinary “soul-mate” marriage, to truly practicing what she teaches in her writings, presentations, adventures and music.
Colleen Jais, is author of Into the Slipstream: A Guide to Finding Inspiration through Grief, Loss and Change. For Colleen, life is a study of transition; life itself becoming her resume. An artist living in the real world, Colleen has always worn many hats to fulfill the practical nature of the journey of daily life and all of its evolutions. A writer, an artist, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, business owner, and entrepreneur, whose passage through these transitions is the fabric of her being. Colleen shows that each ‘change’ along the way is an extension of her ability to assimilate and then access the wisdom born of life experience. This capacity level or the ‘war chest of experience’ has guided Colleen through life from small town girl to a well-traveled capable soul, ready to guide others through the twists and turns of living their journey. Contact
Berenice Andrews is a shamanic teacher/healer and the author of Rebirthing Into Androgyny:  Your Quest For Wholeness, And Afterward. She writes: “although my autobiography includes growing up in a mining camp, leaving it, marrying, birthing two children, divorcing, obtaining a “higher” education and having a professional career, that’s just my personal history.  My Sacred Story is the one that tells about “knowing” the indwelling Spirit, losing that awareness, finding it again in an “awakening,” meeting my shaman teacher, learning the healer’s craft, recognizing my life’s purpose and thereafter, following my bliss.” To become her sudent, visit
Kay Schrems is considered a “change agent” for humanity. She guides others thru her I AM presence, which is the highest aspects of ourselves. She has been on her journey since childhood and has always maintained a direct communication with her internal higher SELF. She is also a wellness advocate for treating your mind, body and soul with highest and purist grade essential oils. Visit her website and learn how you can better serve your health and allow yourself to be pro-active with loving your-SELF and also helping others to achieve the same goals. Visit or her blog
Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, has over forty years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counsel­ing settings, mental health centers, and holistic private practice. His books Soul Proof and Radiant Wellness were endorsed by Drs. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and others. A frequent media guest, Pitstick hosts the popular “Ask the Soul Doctors” show on HealthyLife.Net radio. He was the executive producer for the Soul Proof movie, a 93-minute documentary film. His experiential workshops help you know and show you are an infinite being of energy/ consciousness/ spirit and fulfill your goals for service, adventure, growth and enjoyment. Visit and
Teresa Morrow began her life as a symbol of inspiration; born under special circumstances weighing a little over one pound compounded with severe heart issues. In her teens, she was introduced to the world of writing when she submitted a poem for creative writing class which got featured in the school yearbook. Her professional background has expanded from working in the corporate world as an executive assistant to starting her own business in 2007. She held onto her love of writing and has authored two books, ‘Life Lessons from the Heart’ and ‘Healing from Broken Trust’. Along with her writing, she works with fellow spiritual authors to provide online book visibility and coaching services. Currently, she is the host of a radio show host titled, “Inspiration Nation” where she “creates inspiration through the world of words. Find out more at or
Judi Wallace, MA, studied Positive Psychology during her Master of Arts. Her research focused on happiness. She uses her knowledge of Positive Psychology to help people navigate some of life’s challenges such as chronic illness. Judi has faced her own challenges with cancer and shares her wisdom with people on their own journeys. Judi is an accredited life coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. She is on the executive of her local chapter, a Competent Communicator and Leader through Toastmasters and a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow. Judi facilitates a cancer support group and is a peer support volunteer. Visit
Reverend Elizabeth Thompson is the Sr. Minister of Unity of Sarasota. She has served the Unity Movement for over 30 years in all capacities. Her credo for living is to live life as a spiritual adventure through celebration and service. How is simple:  Be open and available to the enlightenment of the mind by engaging Divine Ideas. Let the heart be empowered through the practice of loving compassion beginning with yourself and extending out to all creation. Following these simple practices ensures a life of enrichment and meaning. This is how Rev Elizabeth seeks to participate in a world that works for all.  Visit
James Harrigan, CPC is a speaker, writer, cancer survivor, and Certified Professional Coach assisting clients in self-awareness, spirituality, relationships, career, trauma recovery, and general goals for healthier daily living. James has always helped others- whether it be friends, family or colleagues. Sharing and listening is an important module of how James coaches and lives. He acts as a support companion to clients as they work through the roadblocks in life to set goals to achieve the positive life ahead. “The smallest shifts in our perceptions warrant positive energy for change and happiness.” Visit
Carol Hasbrouck is a consummate student of life and love. She’s been a successful businesswoman in the financial arena, a motivational speaker, a published author, Chief Passion Officer of a small business focused on helping people Live Life on Purpose, and former CEO of Dames Gone Wild, a business dedicated to serving others. She is currently offering a brand new, highly effective Facebook marketing system called K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple & Sustainable. Check it out at Her most recent passion is Dance Walking. You may spot her around town, getting her groove on, with her happy go lucky dog, Jimmy.
Sienna Tarniella, CPC is a motivational coach, life-long learner, writer, and former-teen-pregnancy-success story. Sienna has the uncanny ability to help clients assume control over their own lives by challenging limiting beliefs, inspiring change and developing creative problem-solving skills. Sienna is a Certified Professional Coach who began her practice Coach STAR (Support Towards Amazing Results) with a specific focus on empowering women and teen girls. Sienna is also an entrepreneur who founded Write Me Up Administrative Services. She is a member of the National Association for Professional Women and MainStreet Chamber Houston. For more information, visit and
Kathy “Katica” Rivera Wallace lives her own brand, Living Vibrantly. Katica earned her degree in business and marketing. After years of the corporate grind, Katica worked with her husband to grow their family business, as she continued volunteering in her community. Her naturally giving spirit was reinvigorated through these experiences, leading her on a path of self-improvement with an emphasis on gaining knowledge and certifications that would allow her to help others Live Vibrantly. She achieved certifications in Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong and Food Healing. Through her award-winning webcast, Katica: Living Vibrantly, that seeks to help her audience live a vibrant life by aligning body, mind and spirit. Visit
Kristine Ann is passionate about learning how to live life to the fullest and enjoys sharing her stories to help others. Her life experiences have given Kristine the courage to seek her authentic self, make peace a priority and trust the universe has our back. Kristine lives in beautiful Wisconsin with her husband, two boys and German Shepherd. After having a successful career with the Government Kristine decided to leave the working world and stay home to raise her boys. During that time she wrote several children’s books and hopes to share them very soon. She is currently having fun working with Children in elementary school. Feel welcome to contact Kristine Ann at
Debra Loran is a woman of many talents, with a successful career spanning 39 years as a professional ballroom dancer. Debra won 4 National Championship titles and trained others to become National Champions. She carries Certification as a National Championship Adjudicator with the NDCA. Debra was invited to participate in the “Dancing with The Stars Tour”. While Adjunct Professor at UT and USF and faculty at the Straz Performing Arts Center, she hosted competitions at Florida State Fair since 2000. Currently holds certification in Soul Coaching, Past Life Regression, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki Master. Debra is a gifted reader, gemologist and healer creating Crystal Core Healing. Email
Kristi Dear is a Certified Master Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Author, & Motivational Speaker.  Kristi once found herself in a tough place. She was depressed, unhappy with her self-image, and felt stuck. One day Kristi decided to make a SHIFT and took back her personal power. She changed her mindset and changed her life. She lost 75lbs, was featured in Fitness Magazine on all the local Dallas news channels, opened a successful women’s boot camp, and created Get Fit Kids exercise DVD’s. Through Kristi’s transformation she discovered her true self, and realized her purpose was to inspire others to DREAM BIG, know their worth, and ignite their inner light  to SHINE bright! Visit and
Matthew Maynard, M.A., MFT, is a strategic emotional intelligence coach by night, and a Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy Clinician by day. Matt graduated with his Master’s Degree from Syracuse University in Marriage and Family Therapy and also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, which focused mainly on behaviorism. His approach is focused in emotional intelligence, which directs clients on utilizing their emotions appropriately, in order to create dynamic and accelerated changes in their relationships. Matt believes relationships are an art, and can be mastered with specific strategies and skills, available to all. Learn more about his private coaching practice at
Janice Carlin, M.M., is an intuitive channel and the author of The Sensitivity Factor, Be Free, Toward Ascension, Empathic Sensitivity, and The Foundations Healing System Guidebook, a revolutionary healing system she developed for highly sensitive people. She is passionate about sharing information that empowers people to care for themselves, their children and the Earth in the most honoring ways possible.  She has a Master’s degree in music and is a certified Holographic Sound Healing practitioner.  A leader in teaching the direct links between science and spirituality, which empower people in their everyday lives, she can be found at Empowered Thriving,
Kerry Labendz, MA, is a CCA Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping busy professionals find a work/life balance and create an overall state of well-being. After 15+ years in the corporate world, she can relate to the pressures her clients face and appreciate and how difficult it can be to have a life beyond the office. She helps her clients channel some of their drive and ambition toward their personal lives. Along with her Coaching certification, Kerry holds a Master’s in Psychology from New York University and did her undergraduate work in Psychology and Women’s Studies at Skidmore College.
Brooke Ozlem Erol worked for 11 years in training, sales, marketing and account management at IBM. She moved to the U.S. 15 years ago and worked as a sales and marketing manager at small to medium size companies. She started her coaching business in 2003, in which she helps individuals find their own passions and gifts, getting out of where they are stuck and steping into a life they love. She also helps businesses identify and highlight their unique strengths to be successful in their own market. Visit
Elliott Eli Jackson is the internationally known channel of Source energy, and the bestselling author of From God to You: Absolute Truth and The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom book series. He is an inspirational speaker, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, and contributes monthly to the The Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine. Elliott and his wife Diane travel the globe doing book signings, the Create Your Reality workshop, and Private Sessions with Source, through Elliott, which thousands have attended. Private Sessions with Source, are also available  via phone/video chat. Visit, FB & Twitter. Elliott and his wife live in the Chicago area.
Scott Masciarelli, ACC, CPC, is a Transformation Coach and Adventure Travel Specialist who inspires others to live their life as an adventure. He is a multilingual, avid world traveler who has visited over 65 countries and former corporate leader, trainer and expatriate. This brings a global perspective to his coaching. Scott works with clients who want to enhance their personal leadership skills and create an integrated life on their terms. Many are asking “what next?” in their career, business and life. He believes putting adventure into our life is very important. Scott says, “let me be your guide.” Visit
Arielle Giordano, M.A. M.Ed., has a Master’s in Counselor Education and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and is a faculty member and Lead Faculty Area Chairperson for the College of Humanities, History and the Arts at the University of Phoenix. She is a published author of several books and magazine articles. In 2014, she published an Instructor’s Manual for Barlow Abnormal Psychology 4th ed. In 2013, she wrote Psychology, A Journey 3rd.ed. Study Guide published by Nelson Education, Toronto, ON. Arielle has been a featured guest on radio and television and other media across the US and Canada.  She offers dance classes, dancing for emotional release workshops and creative expression seminars. Visit
Jonathan R. Wachtel is an international inspirational life guide, speaker, author, and personality expert. Creator of the JRW Life Guidance System—an innovative, effective approach to helping people actualize their ideal lives—he offers relationship, career, and personal development guidance, and more. He guides people in achieving greater fulfillment through one-on-one life guidance sessions, group workshops and talks. He aims to inform, inspire, and guide with his written and spoken words. His works include The Relationship Key: Unlock Your Ideal Life Experience and Freedom: An Inspiring And Transformative Story Of Self-Discovery. Visit
Carrie Katz is a professional singer/songwriter and writer who has been performing for over 20 years. She has worked professionally in other creative fields such as; Film (Documentary and Feature), Television, the Music Industry, Performance Art and Theatre, which gives her a unique position for creative entrepreneurs and media/arts/entertainment, as Life Coach for Creative Professionals. She gives workshops and writes articles, and is currently writing her first book that will be published with her upcoming CD Launch. Carrie’s mission and passion is to motivate and support creatives to sort out what values are at the core of who they are and how to achieve their goals while being in alignment and integrity. In short, to unleash their potential and be a gift to the world. Visit
Rebecca Edwards is an inspirational author thriving in a Universe that yields to her desires to be a catalyst for spiritual change. Her own journey of transformation through life’s most difficult circumstances has awakened within her a deep passion to share her personal story. The words of Paramahansa Yogananda echo her soul’s true purpose, “As the sun spreads vital rays of light, I will spread rays of hope in the hearts of the poor and forsaken, and kindle a new strength in the hearts of those who think they are failures”. Visit or
Art Lewis has over 40 years of personal experience with mindfulness and meditation practices and has been helping clients make meaningful career and life choices for over 20 years. He is a certified Life Coach, a Certified Career Professional through BCCDA, and has a Counselling Certification (Holistic). Art’s greatest strength is his ability to listen without judgment, which creates moments of real clarity in which clients can access their Natural Wisdom. He believes the essence of coaching is that the answers lie within. His focus is to help re-establish your trust in your true self so you can live life to the fullest on your terms. Visit
Julie Grauel helps people who don’t know who they are and how they make a difference to the world, find and express their true self. She understands what it’s like to want to find the answers and not know how, having been through it herself. Julie is passionate about helping people live authentically. Julie has over 20 years of corporate experience, having originally trained as a CPA. She has lived in 4 different countries and is based in Switzerland. She enjoys trying new things, yoga, mantra concerts, walking in nature and gardening. Visit
Nancy Selig Amsden is a singer, songwriter, poet and author and has been involved in the creative arts for most of her life.  She writes about cultural awareness and social justice. Nancy has a “day job” in the health insurance industry in the area of consumer advocacy.  She has a passion for diversity management, has participated on a national diversity council, and is actively involved with her employer’s cultural awareness program.  Nancy is currently writing a book about her experiences growing up in the “Grand Social Experiment”, called Columbia, Maryland, and how this very culturally diverse environment has impacted her life. Nancy hopes that sharing her story will help individuals, businesses and centers of learning to value and embrace the differences in people, allowing cultural awareness and diversity to become an integral and enriching part of their daily lives. Contact
Charlie Baxter, MBPsS, is the coach for recent graduates. He has focused his BSc in Psychology and intensive training in NLP, HNLP, Mindfulness and Life Coaching towards the information generation. He realised how times have changed in regards to employment nowadays and that the process in which we approach finding work is outdated. Charlie has created a step-by-step manageable course for graduates to discover what they really are passionate about and how to take action. Charlie has coached and mentored many young adults since Graduating himself. He loves to see transformation and so works relentlessly towards helping create powerful shifts for graduates and young adults. As mentioned above Charlie works with the information generation and so believes that coaching via technology is the way forward. He is currently travelling South America with a home base just South of London, UK. You can connect with Charlie via Skype “Mind-Matter” and at
Heather Urick has a degenerative, neuromuscular disease. She 40 years old now and she needs to reestablish herself physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually about every 4 years, which is the rate at which her disease progresses. Heather views this as an opportunity to ‘recharge her batteries. ‘ She has chosen to view her life as an opportunity to teach and learn. She feared that her work as an advocate was over when her voice began to deteriorate, but she is grateful to have been given this rare gift of being able to reach people with her words. As an advocate, she has learned that life is not about what you deny yourself or choose not to do, it’s about the choices you make and what DO choose to do. She is grateful to everyone who has helped her get to this place in her life! Visit
Catherine Osborne is certified coach, speaker and writer who owns and operates UpShift Coaching.  Catherine is an Adler trained, ICF Certified Professional Coach whose areas of expertise include Retirement, Leadership and Wellness Coaching.  With a background in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist, Catherine is well suited to meet the wellness needs of her clients.  As a mid-life woman, mother, business owner and part-time empty nester, Catherine brings a wealth of real-life experience to her clients and is well prepared to coach people from all walks of life.  Catherine’s talent for developing strong and trusting relationships allows her to provide a safe, confidential environment for clients to explore unlimited possibilities. Visit
Ryan Cuillerier creates inspiration and meaning through everyday life – this is what motivates him in supporting others to fulfill all they are wanting and committed to achieving. Ryan’s unwavering belief in the untapped potential genius in each of us, paired with an honest, caring and open approach, is what makes his coaching extraordinary to experience. Whether it’s through 1-1 coaching, workshops, inspired blog articles or art, his purpose in creating transformation is abundantly present. Having spent 20 years on his path of creating his soul-infused life, Ryan is committed to sharing and being of service to others through his life’s work. Visit
Jo Mooy is a published writer, lecturer, visionary artist, and national award-winning photographer. She spent 30 years in middle management with IBM Corporation, traveling worldwide and lecturing across the US. Her spiritual journey began in the early 70’s with Master teachers from various esoteric mystery schools. She travels extensively to the Middle East, South America, Europe and Asia. Her sold-out Women’s Retreats and Spiritual Seminars explore inspirational and cutting-edge advanced practices. Jo is a Staff Writer for Spirit of Maat Magazine and is a contributing writer for Transformation Magazine. Visit
Lisa Cedrone is the editor for Transformation Magazine and a freelance editor, ghostwriter, and graphic designer working primarily within the spiritual and alternative healing communities. Prior to establishing her Sarasota, FL-based business in 2008, Lisa spent 20 years as an editor/editor in chief for two of the “Top 10” business-to-business publishers in the United States. She received her bachelor’s degree in fashion design and apparel manufacturing methods from Philadelphia University, attended the Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina, and currently studies graphic design at State College of Florida. Connect at
Kathleen Johnson, MBA is a “biker babe” who traded her Harley in for an ileostomy bag named “Bob”. A passion for writing has always lingered in her soul, but it took a life-changing journey through cancer to ignite the spark to share her thoughts on life with others by offering inspiration and hope through her humor and brutal honesty. Armed with an MBA specializing in Health Care Management, she works for a major pharmaceutical company, which inspires her passion for connecting to people in the healing arts. She can be reached at She is open to mentoring others living through health crises.
Nadia Pamela Tavella is an Oriental Medicine teacher and practitioner, specialised in Ayurveda and Thaï Medicine. She works as a medical translator and interpreter. She holds a Bachelor in Literature and Philosophy and has been learning and practicing different alternate medicines for the last 15 years. In 2006 she met her Master, Yogi Ananda Kambli, and was healed thru his therapy; his teaching guides her along her path. Visit or contact
Oshetha Shakoor, M.A., is an indigo empath and and advocate of individual and collective evolution. One of four children of a single parent home, she faced many challenges including dysfunction, abandonment, addiction, and violence. After years of repeating the patterns of her childhood, she experienced an epiphany and awakened to the power of self-awareness, self-love, and her truest gift; the ability to help others transform. Currently she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family and children, working as a spiritual and wellness life coach using her education in new thought, psychology, management, and family systems to help individuals and organizations transform. Visit
Elizabeth (Betty) Norlin has been a teacher, corporate trainer, motivational and wellness speaker and writer throughout her career. Her passion is discovering ways to connect ideas and people and sharing information in new, interesting, and useful ways. In her first book, Our Bodies: The Optimal Design, ( she teaches people how to understand and listen to the healing power within their own bodies. She and business partner, Randall James, also have a business, Pitchin’ in the Kitchen ( that shares secrets for healthy living based on using food for health, plus much more.  You can reach her at
Jo Pat Ozambela became a survivor of domestic violence at 10 years old; she witnessed the murder of her mother and sister by her sister’s husband who also killed himself. Since then Jo Pat has worked to overcome this horrific event and reclaim her life. Now at the age of 50 she is happily married, raising a talented 15 year old daughter, and is writing a memoir about navigating her motherless adolescence during the 1970’s in a drug ravaged South Florida neighborhood. In addition to her memoir, Jo Pat blogs, is working on a  social media project called “The Midlife Makeover Project” on Facebook, is an esthetician specializing in holistic skin care, and has an Etsy business offering vintage and eclectic wares called “My Bohemian Rapture”. Check out her blog:; contact her on facebook: midlife makeover project; and visit her etsy page: MyBohemianRapture.
Dolly Muzer, MA, LPC is a Life and Certified Creativity Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, teacher and a visual artist. Professionally, she brings over twenty years of experience working with a variety of people and populations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Psychology and has trained in meditation, bringing ground, awareness and compassion in her work with others. She inspires people to liberate their artistic talents, challenges them to let go of their self-limiting beliefs, and supports them to follow through on choices that meet their highest aspirations and dreams. She is fiercely committed to empowering women and men to reignite their creative spark, dream big, and go for it! You can connect with Dolly at
Michael Williams, M.Div., is the founder of the Start Speaking Training Center, LLC, an online resource designed to help people learn not just how to stop stuttering, but become excellent speakers. He has studied and incorporated accelerated learning strategies, habit development, high performance skill development and neuroplasticity into his personal life, coaching and programs. He has worked in ministry and as a Relationship Coach, so he knows the importance of having excellent communication skills. He has worked with people from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Antigua and Barbadu, Australia, Germany, and the U.S. to improve their speaking skills. Visit
Mahal Hudson is a leadership coach and entrepreneur. She immigrated to Canada from the Philippines at 25. Her first time in a foreign land, she saw this as her opportunity to honour her parents’ values about hard work and integrity—mediocre was not acceptable for Mahal. Her sister Marilag, who suffered from a life-long disability, has been her inspiration and fuels her passion about advocacy for youth with intellectual disability.  Mahal worked from the front-line to senior management in 13 years and later launched The Avant-garde Company, a global coaching firm that aims to invoke courage to break free from barriers and reach an optimum level of life. Visit
Karen Leonetti is a Child Development Specialist and a Fun Fresh Food Expert. Her mission is to get children excited about growing a backyard garden and eating freshly grown, unpackaged foods. She and her husband, Danny, operated an eco-green preschool called Earth Angels for 17 years. Karen is a cancer survivor-thriver since 1993. She wrote her first children’s nutritional storybook, The Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden, to keep children healthy. Karen enjoys teaching fun fresh food workshops and coaching parents to live harmoniously with their children. She has been a guest on radio shows across the nation speaking on the topic “families that eat together, stay together.” Visit
Rev. Marylois R. Schott, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother! In this life her foundation was established in the Christian tradition. She is an Ordained Minister of Holistic Spirituality. Marylois studied and practices Celtic Shamanism and her Native American blood line traditions. She is a Sun Ceremonialist, a student of life, and an amateur anthropologist. Her practices include wellness through balancing of spirit, body, mind, and emotional wellbeing.  She is and shall ever be the Great Spirit’s Joy.  “We are all one, together.” Contact
Rev. Marla Sanderson has been a student of spiritual practice for more than 35 years. She began as Assistant Director of The Next Step, a psychic and spiritual community in a New Mexico ghost town. She’s been a workshop leader, teacher, practitioner, and minister of Living Love, and the Science of Mind. She recently founded the New Thought Global Network, a virtual “church” that offers inspiration anytime, from anywhere. The site showcases many powerful Science of Mind and New Thought speakers and writers, and its purpose is to expand these teachings to the world. Check it out at